Traditional beauty treatments here in the Tropics are based on the efficacy of natural healing herbs.

These are formulations which don’t just clean and smooth your skin, but also serve to detox your tissues - not to forget the relaxing effect of this treatment ritual, endowing you with mental clarity and soothing your soul.



Touch is an important part of human life; it is one of the first things babies perceive. Asian people know that massage is a simple and effective method of obtaining a general state of wellbeing through our largest sensory organ - our skin.

There is no secret to the effectiveness of massage; it is the oldest and simplest form of health care. Many Indonesians have an intuitive grasp of how to detect inflamed, tense or swollen areas of the body, and how to relieve these with their bare hands and using a few essential oils.


Our range includes:

  • Aromatherapy massage
    The massage results in the essential oil molecules suspended in the carrier oil being introduced to the blood stream, where they have a calming effect on the central nervous system.

  • Spicy Island massage
    Thanks to the almost uncanny synchronised efforts of two therapists working on your whole body, this is the supreme massage experience amongst them all.


Care treatments such as:

  • Boreh
    If you frequently suffer from respiratory disorders, this is the peeling treatment for you. The herb and spice mix used here provides a feeling of warmth penetrating your whole system. It increases blood flow, and the scrubbing components of cloves and rice employed will smooth your skin.

  • Rhassoul body peeling
    An effective cellulite treatment. A type of clay rich in minerals which dissolves those fat cells lying under your skin similar to a mattress.

  • Cucumber wrap
    Sunburn remedy - you can literally feel the heat leaving your body once this cucumber and essential oil wrap has been applied to your sunburnt body.

  • Papaya body polish
    Smoothes and revitalises your skin. The papain enzyme contained in papayas acts like an alpha-hydroxy acid (a natural fruit acid), peeling away the flaking cells of the skin’s surface without causing any skin irritation.