Travel advice

Travel information / Immigration requirements

Your passport must be valid for at least another 6 months beyond your return travel date.

To enter Indonesia, you will require a visa on arrival (“VOA”) which will be issued to you upon arrival at the immigration counter of the airport. For a 30-day stay, this will cost US-$ 25.


Flight connections

  • Zurich – Dubai – Jakarta (Emirates Airlines) and then Jakarta – Ambon (Garuda or Lionair)
  • Zurich – Singapore – Jakarta (Singapore Airlines) and then Jakarta – Ambon (Garuda or Lionair)



The national currency is the Rupiah (Rp). We would recommend taking along Euros in cash. At CAPE PAPERU RESORT & SPA, US-$ and Swiss francs are also accepted.

Please note that by order of the Indonesian Central Bank, DOLLAR NOTES carrying CA, CB, CF, DB and CH serial references or an issue date before 2008 will not be accepted as a means of payment.


Health provisions

No vaccinations are officially prescribed at the moment. We would recommend refreshing your tetanus and polio immunisation (if required).