The over 1000 small pretty islands are called “The Maluku” or “spice islands”.

{mosmap width='100%'|lat='-3.59142'|lon='128.66479'|zoom='5'|mapType='Hybrid'|text='CapePAPERU'|marker='1'|align='center'}


  • Latitude: -3º 59,142' S
  • Longitude: 128º 66,479' E



Arranged in the shape of a rainbow, surrounded by crystal-clear waters. “Maluku” or “the Moluccas”, to give them their English name, range from Halmahera Island in the North down to Wetar Island in the east. With regard to their surface area, there are more than 86,000 km2 of habitable land surface, inhabited by 2 million people. They are split about 50/50 into the Christian and Muslim faith. The clear, tropical ocean is teeming with life. This is the centre of the largest biodiversity in all of the Indo-Pacific. Its wealth of different types of fish and invertebrates is unique in the world. Most reefs remain untouched and are therefore ideally suited for snorkelling and diving.