Cape Paperu Resort & Spa is located at the mouth of Saparua Bay, on a ridge above the Paperu cliff.

This resort nestles inside a nature reserve with old, gnarled trees hundreds of years old providing shade, plus myriads of coconut palms, various types of shrubs, wild orchids and much more.


There are currently 7 luxurious bungalows with some 70 m2 living space available with an additional large covered patio where you can enjoy a fantastic view of the ocean.

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Four further bungalows with some 32 m2 living area and 20 m2 patio, specifically intended for guests who really value their privacy or would simply like to remain undisturbed are located in the lush nature garden of Cape Paperu.

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Three additional bungalows offering some 25m2 of living space and a 16 m2 patio are situated in the thriving palm garden of Cape Paperu close to the diving base and reception.

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